Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forbes Fictional 15 Richest Characters

Forbes Magazine has compiled a list of the fifteen richest fictional characters. The characters that make up this year's Forbes Fictional 15 boast an aggregate net worth of $137 billion. As Forbes Magazine states: "That's enough to give $20 to every (real) person on the planet."

"Flapping into the top slot on this year's list is the first non-mammal to rank as fiction's richest: Scrooge McDuck. Soaring gold prices mean the penny-pinching poultry's hoard of coins and bullion is now worth more than you can shake a tail feather at."

Also included in the list:

Richie Rich (#3)
Jed Clampett (#5)
C. Montgomery Burns (#6)
Bruce Wayne (#8)
Thurston Howell III (#9)
I was very happy to see that Willy Wonka made the list at #13 - proving that candy is more than dandy.

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