Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Speech

In case you didn't notice it, I'm an opinionated person. I'm not sure I could ever remain neutral, even though I have a healthy genetic dose of Swiss in me (1/2 actually). I enjoyed watching the American primary process while I was in Kansas (even though it seems so unworkable, unexplainable, imprecise, antiquarian (caucauses for sure) and so lacking in national uniformity). I did have high hopes for Hillary Clinton to ascend to the Presidency - mostly I suppose because I am a woman and I do believe there is a glass ceiling for women in politics (and other areas). Also - Hillary is intelligent, hard-working, serious and dedicated - she would have made a fine President.

I thought her speech today was very impressive. She openly acknowledged what all women know, that women still lag far behind men in all areas of life. Her endorsement of Obama was full and complete and unequivocal. She was graceful in her defeat and urged her supporters to put Obama into the White House so that her important goals of universal health care, ending the war on Iraq and restoring the economy could be achieved.

She has never been the orator that we see in Obama - but hers was an outstanding speech. She stated in her speech: "Children today will grow up taking for granted that an African-American or a woman can, yes, become the President of the United States". I'm not sure she is right about a woman being able to become President - not yet. She was a worthy candidate - and she has shown that she has grace, good sense and loyalty to her causes that is admirable......


Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree with every word you said.

Anonymous said...

Me too,