Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Yes, I have arrived back home in Vancouver. I have been home for a few days, but there has been lots to do to get things unpacked, aired out, cleaned up and put back into place. The weather for most of our trip was unusual - snow in Arizona, cold clouds in Palm Springs, frightening rainstorms through the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. As we started to get close to Portland, Oregon we started to see rhododendrons and azaleas in beautiful bloom - I knew I was almost home. Unfortunately the weather in the Pacific Northwest has been rainy and cold since we arrived.

But - enough about the weather. Time to get back to blogging.

So - today is about Tuesday Movies - today we saw Sex and the City. I used to watch this show with my first-born, daughter and heir. I learned a lot from the show when it was on television. About how shoes and designer bags were de rigueur for young modern women. How women such as Carrie sleep with underpants, a bra and sometimes a t-shirt. About how if you are a friend of Carrie, you own unbelievable dresses and accessories and look fabulous all the time. How women like Carrie can make a Cosmopolitan become a world-wide favourite drink. And how, if you are a friend of Carrie, you are always meeting up with your friends in restaurants to talk about relationships, sex and love.....and how everyone remains a size 0 despite all that restaurant time......

Today I learned that the women have changed over the last five years since Carrie was reunited with Mr. Big on the television finale. I learned that Carrie now sleeps in underpants, a bra and a hooded sweatshirt, that the progeny of these women are quiet and well-behaved (and sit around quietly in restaurants while the women talk about sex and relationships and love), that the friends still have bodies of young young women, that Carrie can still run all through New York City on a snowy evening in the highest heels I have ever seen and that there are only happy endings in the world of not-so-young-anymore gorgeous New Yorkers.

The movie was a light confection - silly and poofy like most of dresses worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the series over the years. The enduring friendships of the women and how they support each other through happy and trying times is comforting to watch. But....where or where does she get those clothes????

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