Friday, October 3, 2008

2010 Vancouver Olympics - Inside Report - Big Tickets

For sale - an Olympic package that enables you to get 100 prime tickets for events of your choice - plus a driver and car to get you there (and a place in the torch relay) - all for $285,000 CDN (plus our Goods and Services Tax of $14,251). There are 100 "Patron's Program" packages available for sale starting today (for anyone in the world with $285,000). If you buy a Patron's Program package, you will get personal priority access to the Olympics - including 8 tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies and 4 tickets to prime events such as gold-medal finals of men's and women's hockey, figure skating..... You will also get 100 event tickets to the Charitable Ticketing Fund so that will allow underprivileged children to attend events. Salt Lake City introduced such a program - they offered a three tier program ranging from $100,000 to $1 Million. These 100 packages are expected to sell out quickly - so hurry up and purchase now (and don't forget to invite me along).......

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