Saturday, October 4, 2008

Food to Avoid on a First Date.....

I enjoyed reading this list of foods not to eat on a first date. Some of the suggestions appear sensible to me: long pasta with red sauce (deadly at any time), soup, steamed crabs, spinach....... I always remember avoiding fish during business meals (I was always afraid of getting a bone stuck in my throat) and I think that the author is right in warning readers to avoid French Onion Soup (delicious, yet ever lastingly pungent).

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Anonymous said...

Certainly agree with the list. Despite the fact that I do not date, I still do not order spaghetti when I am out. Thank goodness, Michael cooks fantastic spaghetti and I can wear my spaghetti apron at home with any embarrassment. A friend made us a set of the aprons which have bibs right up to your throat as a gift a couple years ago. No danger of spotting good clothes. What a wonderful idea- forgot to wear it last night and you can already picture what my yellow shirt looks like.