Monday, October 6, 2008

High High Heels Conspiracy is a great website filled with celebrity news and snappy comments about celebrities. Check out this entry about Victoria Beckham taking her young children to the Build-a-Bear store at a shopping mall. The bright little dress is lovely (for the mall?) but it is the shoes that you must see. You have to go to the link above and click on the first photo - I can't reproduce the photo here. How high can we go girls?

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Anonymous said...

No be seen! Are you kidding, any time I wear red and I do have red outfits,I know that I will draw attention. I usually put a smile on people's faces because I wear red tights and red shoes with the red and sometimes also accessorize with my red purse and red beret- I do not hold back. Heals, never! Gave up on those years ago and I do not care that I am vertically challenged. Would rather be comfortable and able to walk without feeling like I am on stilts and avoid aching feet.