Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Movie Update

I thought you might be interested in some movie recommendations. I'll start with Religulous . A few years ago we went to see Bill Maher when he was performing in Vancouver - I enjoy his irreverent look at politics, social institutions (such as marriage) and religion. His movie, Religulous isn't really a documentary, but it is at its best when Maher interviews believers around the world and then puts his wicked perspective on the things he is told by such believers.

I also liked W. The key characters are all well portrayed and Richard Dreyfuss as Cheney is perfect. It isn't a critical approach to Bush really - I ended up feeling that he was completely out of his intellectual element and manipulated by those around him. I kept hoping that the intelligent and worldly President Bartlett of the West Wing would appear to stop the craziness.

I also enjoyed The Duchess - the fascinating story of the Duchess of Devonshire (a relative of Princess Diana). Kiera Knightly is compelling as a young woman whose sole purpose in life is to provide an heir - she is trapped in a marriage commitment at the will of her husband and she has no escape. It is worth seeing just for the scenery, costumes and historical perspective. As the love of her life is Charles Grey (and the father of one of her children) I will never again drink Earl Grey tea without thinking of this sad love story.

Another recommendation? The Secret Life of Bees. Dakota Fanning is an endearing little girl who believes she is unloved - she is taken in by a family of beekeepers - a group of spirited women who adore her and provide her with the loves she needs and deserves. Set in the 1960's, segregation and the treatment of blacks is a key part of the movie and the unfairness and brutality of segregation is heartbreaking.

Still looking for a good movie to see? Vicki Christina Barcelona is another movie worth the cost of admission. I loved how the movie examines the nature of love and relationships - all in the romantic beauty of Barcelona. The young women of the movie learn a lot about the true meaning of love and the complicated nature of relationships. Oh - and an Israeli movie that I enjoyed - Jellyfish - a fanciful and magical movie about individuals inexplicably connected in a large city.

There are some other movies - but the ones above are well worth seeing. Trust me......

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