Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why Didn't I think of that?

Miguel is still trying to adjust to having dentures. Because he had so much trauma to his gums and mouth over the 9 months of treatment the denture process has not been easy. He is still having changes made to the dentures to enable him to chew so sometimes it is just easier to make him soup. Today I thought I would try something I saw on the site. This recipe for barley and leek soup was delicious.

While I was making the soup, I had a large piece of onion left over. What do I do with a large piece of leftover onion, you might ask? Well, the answer is easy. I pull out my large plastic onion keeper. My older, meaner sister has an adorable friend named Jan. Jan often buys me presents for some reason unbeknownst to me. So you can understand why I love Jan. When my sister came to visit in August, she brought me two presents from Jan (the plastic onion and lime/lemon keeper)and I am telling you blogfriends that you should go and buy these for everyone you know (an ideal Christmas or Hanukkah present for sure).

and opened ......

Instead of having little baggies or wrapped pieces of onion, you can store the onion for many many days in the fridge. Keeping a piece of lime or lemon also works perfectly. Every time I open the fridge, I see the fake onion or lemon, making leftovers easy to find and use.

I'm a little worried now that my friends will know what they are getting for Christmas - but trust me, they will like these way more than getting swarovski crystal earbuds.


Anonymous said...

Those look terrific and useful. Did Jan tell your older and very NICE sister where she bought them? I am definitely going to get them.

Anonymous said...

Count me in as well. I regularly find that leftover onion rolling around in the vegetable bin looking lonely or I can not find it in the fridge and use a fresh onion instead.
Looking forward to buying some of these for presents and for myself.