Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Caro, Michigan......

I have never been to, or heard of Caro, Michigan before. Growing up in Ontario, I had traveled to and through Michigan, but I had never heard of Caro. I now know more about Caro because Miguel's eldest grandson has gone there to work for the Obama election team.

Miguel's grandson is a native Kansan who has been working as a lawyer in Chicago. He had always watched elections from the sidelines, but this time he decided to take an unpaid leave from his work to go and work full-time for Obama. He has been volunteering in Detroit, but he will now move to Caro for the duration of the campaign. He is learning so much and he is enjoying being surrounded by devoted and enthusiastic supporters. Although McCain has stated he is pulling his campaign funds out of Michigan, he tells us that the Obama campaign is working to ensure voter registration and voter turnout.

Speaking of voter registration..... Federal elections in Canada are governed by federal election laws and regulations - everyone in Canada is governed by the same rules. In Canada, periodic enumerations result in a list of voters, but, on election day, ANYONE can turn up to vote at their local polling station if they can prove they are a Canadian citizen, that they are 18 years of age and that they reside in the riding.

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yay for mikey!! krista your blog has kept me entertained in the first few months at university...Ill be phoning you soon! - Ricala