Friday, October 10, 2008

Thanksgiving in Canada.......

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Always the second Monday in October, always in the midst of the leaves turning and the onset of cooler weather. I have just started following a blog, It is a cooking and recipe thing always included is what the blogger was making and concocting one year ago. It made me think about where I was last Thanksgiving. This time last year I was in Kansas - Miguel was just starting his cancer treatments and we had no idea what the nine months would bring. My second born, son and heir flew down from Toronto for the weekend and as always, he had a brilliant time visiting Miguel's children and grandchildren. My son and I were laughing last night remembering how Miguel's daughter called every bar in Wichita to find one that would put on the Canucks' opening game for my hockey-loving son. Needless to say we were the only people in the bar that night watching the Canucks (Vancouver's NHL team). Miguel's son-in-law admitted that he had never watched a hockey game before (being a diehard football and basketball fan). Miguel's daughter generously organized a turkey dinner and we were all thankful to have a chance to all be together.

This year will be quieter. My children won't be home. My mother (who loves turkeys and turkey-cooking and leftovering) will come and make a small turkey. I have never made a turkey ever - this task has always been done by my mother....I will turn over this task to her again this weekend. My mom makes a bread stuffing (always has, always will) and we will have the requisite mashed potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts and homemade cranberry sauce. My mother boils the neck and any other pieces with some vegetables to make a base for her gravy - this little brew bubbles along while the turkey is cooking. She takes all the meat off the neck bones and puts them into the gravy.........nothing is wasted. Immediately after dinner my mother strips the turkey and puts the bones on for soup...... After simmering the stock for hours, it is put into the fridge and ready for making soup the next day (after the fat is removed and all the meat is removed from the bones)...leftovers, I tell you. My mother is 88 - but her vigor and energy for doing turkey right is as strong as ever.

So - if you come by after the weekend, you can enjoy some turkey soup (thanks Mom) and some turkey sandwiches. If I'm really lucky, we can enjoy these for a few days..... leftovers I tell you.

Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian friends........

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