Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cooking a Turducken

Let's talk turducken.....really. My daughter's boyfriend, Collin, is from Louisiana and a turducken is his family's bird of choice. He wrote about his family thanksgiving turducken tragedy this year - check out his description of the bird. I had never met Collin, so when we learned that he was joining us this Christmas, it seemed like a good time to try turducken.
It wasn't possible to order a turducken from Louisiana, so it seemed like the next best thing was to order it from the Acadians of Nova Scotia - the Acadians were expelled to Louisiana and became known as Cajuns.... so it seemed like it might closely proximate the renowned Louisiana turducken.

We carted the frozen turducken up to Whistler and followed all the instructions for thawing it and preparing it for cooking. Because Collin says that the turkey breast can be dry, we decided to put a few bacon slices on top. We basted the bird maybe every thirty minutes or so.....and after about 2 hours the delicious scents started to fill the house.
Here is the bird all finished ......

We all enjoyed the turducken - it was fun to taste all the different birds and the stuffing. For me, it was easy (just put the creature in the oven)..... The layers of birds and stuffing are noticeable and you get to taste all the different flavours....although Collin didn't think it was as spicy as his Cajun turduckens. There were enough leftovers for sandwiches the next day and we all got to try something new. Next time I will order it locally (a little cheaper, don't ya think?) but we will definitely have it again.......

Happy New Year everyone. Have a great evening and a happy and healthy new year. See you in 2009!


Anonymous said...

And a healthy and happy New Year to you and yours. And here's to many, many more turduckens.

linda said...

My son Mike made a Turducken last year for a catering gig that he had.... He deboned and marinaded the chicken and duck in different marinades over night and did a salt brine for the turkey also over night... He used fresh corn bread muffins as a stuffing. When it came time to assemble the whole thing he needed my husband who is a doctor to suture shut the complete package or else there would have been major leakage.. I carried the sucker to the event while he prepared the other platters of food and it was a huge success... except it tooks us, my husband and I, not Mike who had gone merrily off to work, many hours to scrape up the mess in our kitchen.. It is something to see though! LInda