Thursday, January 29, 2009

This week in Reproductive Health

I am an opinionated person - and I although I can understand that there are differing points of view on certain issues, there are some issues from which I can never be swayed - so don't even try it. When it comes to the divisive issue of abortion, I am pro-choice. If you have ever tried to argue with me about it, you will know that it is futile to try and make me change my mind. I believe in choice - you can make your choice and I can make mine (or COULD have made my choice in my child-bearing days). Here are three items about reproductive health, from the news this week:

  • Wednesday marked the 36th anniversary of the landmark Roe v.Wade decision
    in the US.
  • On Wednesday, a man smashed his SUV into the entrance of the Planned
    Parenthood office in St. Paul, Minnesota to protest the legality of abortion.
  • A nurse in New Mexico who believes IUDs are a “form of abortion” is being sued
    after removing a woman's IUD without her permission and then refusing to
    replace it.

People - your choice may not be the same as my choice. But it is a woman's choice.......

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