Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad Bad Bloggergirl........

I have been a bad bad bloggergirl....... You might wonder why I have been such a neglectful writer these days - and I really have no great excuses for you. I do have some suspicions though on why I haven't been writing.......

To begin with, we are in the middle of know the drill. Take everything out of every cupboard and all that junk in every other room of the house.....start painting walls, trim, ceilings (damaged from a leaking roof over the holidays), cupboards (inside and out). I feel guilty if I sneak away for a few minutes to check the internet and read correspondence - there is just so much painting to do. I'd like to say we are almost 1/2 way finished - but there is still lots to do.

Some good kitchenpaintinghell news? A new chandelier I purchased from craigslist for $20. Some new track lighting that actually works. Cabinets that look fresh and crisp and clean with their new paint. The great feeling of packing up and donating unused and superfluous glasses, plates and other kitchen junk - including two boxes of glass vases. Some bad kitchenpaintinghell news? Miguel accidently pushing over a tall pine cupboard and breaking 4 panes of glass. Rediscovering how tedious it is to paint inside kitchen cabinets. Finding bone china tea cups and saucers from another era that haven't been used since the last time I emptied the cupboards. Trying to justify WHY I am keeping things like old tea cups and saucers that won't ever be used. Learning that although I need 36 new kitchen knobs and Restoration Hardware has nice looking kitchen knobs, I'm never going to be purchasing them at Restoration Hardware for $12 each.

After the kitchen is all painted the wooden floors will be refinished - and after all that dust has settled, everything can go back into the cupboards and drawers - so we are still at least a week away from having our kitchen back.

When I'm not painting, I have been spending a way too much time playing bridge. If I told you I am playing three times a week and also taking a lesson once a week, would you think that was too much time playing bridge? Would you think that I would be getting more competent and more successful at that dastardly game?

The Vancouver Olympics are exactly one year away. Have you gotten your tickets yet? I think the kitchen should be finished by then - so be sure to drop in for dinner.

Now - for the sad news for today. This poor woman, who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world's longest fingernails has had them broken off in a car crash.

She has not cut her nails since 1979 and the longest nail - on her right thumb - measured 2ft 11in. A local newspaper says that she is expected to make a full recovery, but her nails were "damaged beyond repair".

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