Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well the kitchen is finally painted. I'd like to say that I did at least one-half of the work, but that isn't the case - Miguel worked tirelessly painting - he says my lack of precision painting skills disqualify me from trim and finish painting. As we were painting cupboard doors (as well as the insides) my disqualification meant that he had lots to do. Now the floor refinishing has started - and if all goes well, by the weekend, we can start moving things back into the kitchen. So that is what is happening in my world.

The Academy Awards? I watched every second - and I thought Hugh Jackman did a good job. I liked the award presentation format and loved all the dresses and drama. My bridge partner eschews all things Hollywood - but I am unabashed in my fan-dom.

My kitchen is now out of commission for four days while the floors are refinished - but this article about "A Week without Shopping" in the New York Times interested me. The article reviews a new project whereby people are encouraged to eat only what’s already in the house (and encourages participants to posting their progress). The theory is that we all have enough crap in our cupboards and freezers to survive for days without buying new ingredients. One participant calculates that if he skips a week of grocery shopping four times a year, he would save 8 to 10 percent on his grocery bill. You can follow the chronicles of the participants here. When it comes time to putting all the food back into my nicely painted cupboards, I know that I will find many interesting surprises - things that have been there for a long long time!

Because I have no kitchen we are heading out for dinner tonight - for pancakes. My mother always made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and so of course, I always did the same. We'll pick up my mom and find some pancakes somewhere......

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Anonymous said...

Thats exciting that you have a "new" kitchen! I hope all is well, and I will be calling on Sunday to catch up and talk to you and Miguel!