Monday, July 6, 2009

The Day a Tide Commercial Came to our House......

I live in Vancouver in a small quaint little cottage. It has a deep rose coloured door. Last week we were approached by location scouts wanting to make a Tide commercial. They liked our door - and they liked the hat rack in our front hall that used to be in my house when I was growing up. We were told that the concept was that someone with nice clean Tide clothes would be filmed getting ready to leave the house. There would be other characters and other houses. who would be living in our house?

This was the first time we have ever had filming in the house. It was so much fun to watch the process. To begin with, making a little commercial involves lots of vehicles, lots of huge vans and LOTS of people. When making a commercial, all the people must be fed. Here are the tables being set up on our grass for lunch.

More people outside the house:

More people inside the house:

Imagine our surprise when we found out that a cowboy "lives" in our house. Here is a photo that shows the hat rack (which was moved into the living room) You can see the cowboy getting ready to put on his cowboy hat (and you can see more people working on the commercial)

Finally, after many hours the happy cowboy is filmed leaving the cowboy house.

Who knew we lived in a cowboy house?

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Looks like you had a good time.