Thursday, July 9, 2009


Since I left Wichita, there has been nary a reason to mention Peeps. I just think Canadians don't "get" Peeps. But, if you are ever in Maryland, you will be able to visit the first Peeps & Co. store.

According to the Washington Post, the store -- owned by the preciously named company Just Born -- will be packed with Peeperphernalia including Peeps dressed as Village People, Peep pens, key chains and even fancy china.

In other retail news, I saw mention of MoRoCo in Toronto that offers hundreds of delectable ways to savour, serve, and sip chocolate. It doesn't hurt that their homepage features delicious looking macarons. I'm waiting to hear from my Toronto friends to see if anyone has sampled their offerings.

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Anonymous said...

Peeps, schmeeps, Krista, we have to go to MoRoCo. That place looks irresistible. I can't wait to go there. Better yet, you come too.