Saturday, July 18, 2009

Julie and Julia

My Tuesday movie group has taken a summer vacation - but I think we will need to call an emergency Tuesday movie viewing to see Julie and Julia in early August. Somehow I can't imagine how Meryl Streep could make the movie without thinking of Dan Ackroyd doing his Julia Child imitation. Given Meryl Streep's ability to believably portray a wide range of accents, I am sure she will do a plausible and non-ironic Julia. Can't wait.....
We did see Bruno the other day. I am probably alone in thinking that Cohen's biting humour makes the world a better place. He exposes many prejudices and hypocrisies in our modern world. He makes us cringe - he is outrageous and over the top. Some of the scenes are hilarious, some are disgusting - he shows us the warped world of celebrity and the danger of an unexamined life. We also saw Seraphine - a movie about an early 20th Century naive painter whose talent is discovered just as she begins to fall into serious mental illness. The movie portrays her loneliness and search for divine inspiration in her beautiful small French town.
Funny that Bruno and Seraphine are described in the same paragraph - they couldn't be more different movies!

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