Sunday, June 13, 2010


It is funny that my last post was a musical proposal video - because this post is about weddings. Not about the weddings of my progeny (I am looking at you girl and boy child)...but weddings of other people. In the last week, I was surprised and saddened to hear about the Tipper and Al Gore divorce ......and I was revolted to think that someone would actually marry Rush Limbaugh. I was disgusted that Elton John would sing at the wedding of the homophobic and intolerant Rush Limbaugh, even if the one million dollar fee is reportedly to benefit his foundation. Rush Limbaugh gets to marry (for the fourth time) and gay marriage is under attack everywhere. This NYTimes article today is a good overview of the marriage highlights of the last week .... I have never understood marriage (and I certainly don't know what makes it endure or thrive) but I cannot tolerate those who believe that it is an institution that should not be available to every person. Elton John - what were you thinking?

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