Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update....

We had one day of sunshine yesterday and the clouds have returned. Where is summer?
Never mind, there are other things to do.....

such as....radiation therapy. My mother started radiation on Friday. They are radiating her hip and sacrum at the bone cancer sites. This reportedly will result in marked pain relief - so it is worth it. As the bone cancer spreads, she can have more radiation in other sites. Next week, there will be more tests to see if there are other bone cancer sites, but in the meantime she has a full week of daily treatments next week.

I had intended to go to the Penticton Bridge Tournament next week, but for the third year in a row, I am unable to attend. The first year, Miguel was still in cancer treatment, last year, my mother had her car accident and she was living with us while she recovered, and this year cancer has visited our family again and I need to take my mother to treatment every day next week. Maybe next year??

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