Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Four Giveaway

What is there to say about moving? It is a lot of work...... and after over 20 years of staying in one place, I can understand why a person decides to just stay put. We don't move until the 15th of the month, and so I want to keep dishes, food and daily needs (bathroom stuff, our bed, underwear) untouched until a day before - so there will be a flurry a few days before to get things done.

We also realized that there was stuff that will needed to be "retired". BC Hydro just came to pick up our basement fridge (that has kept beer and wine cold for over 20 years). BC Hydro has a recycling program for old inefficient fridges that are in working condition - they take the fridge away for free and then send me $30. I consider that a WIN. Beds are a different matter. I have decided to store 2 queen sized fairly new beds.....and we are taking a single trundle bed with us to the apartment. That left us with a very old weary single mattress and boxspring. The City of Vancouver now charges $20 for each mattress and boxspring that is taken to the landfill. Plus, we would have to hire someone to transport the bed to the landfill. We did discover that there is a now a mattress recycling company in Vancouver - for $78 dollars both the mattress and boxspring were picked up today and will be made into a new bed (and will not take up space in landfill). I consider that a part BUMMER ($78) and a part WIN (yeah, recycling).

Of course, there are some treasures that NEED to be shared and so I present to you the Day Four Giveaway. This is a stainless steel pitcher that was used by my parents in those Mad-Men-glory-days of martinis and cigarettes.

The pitcher (decanter?) has a red knob and handle (probably red lucite?) - I think it is very that is why it has to go - sophistication ain't us!
If you want it, leave a comment and I will mail it to you for free. Seriously....

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Anonymous said...

ok ok the older meaner sister here i can't let the "family heirloom" go to some one else so i want it (btw our younger handsomer brother has a birthday coming up & regifting r me) & i can take it with me no wrapping or postage required