Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Three Giveaway .....

Day three of packing.....day three of sorting through things in the cupboards and drawers of this old house. Today we worked on the kitchen - platters, trays, serving dishes galore. Too many things. Muffin tins of all sizes - cake pans - baking trays.....will I ever need them again? Regular sized muffins, maybe....everything else - GONE. My older meaner sister was here for Christmas, and she has been here to help pack up all the stuff. Our progress is good - we don't move for 11 more days - and already the house is filled with boxes.

I never did tell you about Christmas - about how I spent the holidays with both of my siblings for the first time in 45 years. My parents split when I was 12 and we never all spent holidays together again (I know, I am old). Believing that this is our mother's last Christmas, my brother and sister made a special effort to come here for Christmas. Everyone stayed here in this house for the last time - it really was a lovely holiday.

Christmas seems like a long time ago - but I do have to report in on our Christmas Eve present exchange. We always have a big gathering on Christmas Eve for dinner. This year we had 14 for dinner - family and friends. A few weeks before Christmas I make a polite request* from everyone attending - I ask everyone to send me (in point form), the best and most memorable events of their past year. I then put all the reports together in a narrative - using the words "right" and "left" as many times as possible. For example: "he left his job this year and started right into a new career"; "right when we thought she was feeling better"....you get the drift. Everyone brings a wrapped $15 dollar gift to dinner - and after dinner everyone gets their gift and I start reading the story. When I say the word "right" - everyone passes the present in their hands to the right.....When I say the word "left" - everyone passes the present in their hands to the left. Everyone likes to hear about their year and it is a good reminder to all of us of what was important. At the end of the narrative (and there are many ways to use the words "right" and "left") you get the present that is in your hands. The presents are more fun than functional - but everyone makes an effort to choose an interesting gift. It is our special way to celebrate our blessings of the past year.
Now - for today's giveaway. Who would like a barely used potato ricer?

It is in perfect condition - and for those serious cooks, getting a free potato ricer might be the most deliriously delightful thing that happens to you in early January. If you want it, just comment here and if you are the lucky ricer winner, I will send it to you for free. You will be helping not only the post office, but a silly old crazy lady who is enjoying having a reason to stop packing and imagines her treasures traveling across the continent. Who knew a potato ricer could be so powerful?

*polite request doesn't always work - some family members (and I am not mentioning names) take cajoling, begging and threats to get their assignments completed. Good thing I am tenacious and bossy........

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