Saturday, February 16, 2008

Today – the “P-word” is discussed

I have never made a pie crust. I have always figured that it takes precision, care and patience – things I just don’t possess. I am not really even a pie person – although pumpkin pie, with whipped cream at that certain time of year does taste delicious.
And while I’m thinking about pies, there are a few outstanding pie memories (piemories?) that stand out. The first was the re-discovery of banana cream and coconut cream pie (after a 30 year hiatus – when the world shunned such pies) at Mom’s Diner in Sooke (with Leslie and her family). If you ever get to Mom’s Diner, save room for all the delicious home-made pies. The second pie orgasm (piergasm?) was a wonderful huckleberry pie that Karen, Miguel and I discovered after a long, exhausting, breathtaking day spent at Crater Lake in Oregon.

Which brings me to the present day – a pie miracle has occurred. Miguel, who is an unabashed pie worshipper actually wanted pie this week. He had a hankering for pie – a miracle in itself given that he hasn’t actually eaten anything or wanted any food for 5 months now. He wanted a pie!!! And – when I rushed out to purchase him a cherry pie, he joyfully started munching his way through the pie. He even requested vanilla ice cream to go with the pie!! A real miracle. Because Miguel has throat cancer, he hasn’t been able to eat or swallow for months now – and he had stopped wanting any food at all – but……just when I thought he would only drink Boost for the rest of his life – he is loving his pie!

So – what else did I do? I rushed out and rented “Waitress”. I saw this movie with my Tuesday Movie Group and I was charmed by it. I was enchanted with Keri Russell in her “Felicity” days and I thought she was just as winning in this movie. The fact that the writer and director of the movie was murdered is so very sad – she obviously had a great imagination and sweet outlook on life. I know the movie is sweet and syrupy (like pie, itself), but I liked it. So, tonight we will watch “Waitress” – a movie about pies (and love and friendship and life) and I will give thanks for a week that brought small miracles – the miracle of the pie!

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Anonymous said...

As the "Karen" in this story i just wanted to point out that the pie place near Crater Lake was Becky's Cafe The pies were delish