Sunday, March 2, 2008

Call me skeptical..........

Oprah has a new show on television tonight Oprah’s Big Give. I will catch it tonight (at least for a bit) but I’m not sure I will like it. From the promos, the premise appears to be that she will give ordinary citizens some money to go and help others (hmmm….so far so good). Having worked for a number of years helping charities raise money for good causes, I understand how important it is that we all help our fellow citizens. But must “giving” be televised? Does “giving” have to be a reality game? How awkward will it be for the beneficiaries of Oprah’s largesse? Oprah has piles and piles of money – she has worked hard and built a huge empire. If she wants to be a good role model, there are other ways (a la Bill Gates) to help many people, albeit without a television show in prime time. OK – I’ll try and be open-minded tonight – but there are no guarantees!

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