Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scrabulous - is that a word?

The NYTimes reports today about the online game Scrabulous, a virtual knockoff of the real Scrabble board game. You need to know that I am a Scrabulous addict. I play with my Scrabblegifted older sister all day, every day. Well, not that I play all day, but every time I am at the computer, I check to see if she has completed a move, and then I make my next word. It takes us a few days to complete a game – but believe me, the competition is fierce (damn, she is a good player). It appears that there are over 700,000 other obsessed players a day (most users play on the Facebook, the social-networking site) and there are nearly three million Scrabulous registered users. If YOU signed up, you could play against me (hint, hint) or against your co-workers, friends or family – and you can have many games ongoing at the same time.
The problem is that the creators of Scrabulous don’t own the rights to Scrabble: Hasbro, sells the game in North America, and Mattel markets it everywhere else. In January, these companies denounced Scrabulous as piracy and threatened legal action. Scrabulous is still up and running and it appears that sales of the actual board game have improved since the introduction of Scrabulous. Try it out – you’ll enjoy it……
For me, it is another thing to be obsessed about……..

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I know that this is your favorite site however I find pixiepit uk site to be less finicky and way more accurate. I play that all the dictionaries have to say "yes" when you make a word because otherwise wickipedia allows pretty much anything to get by.. I have played the robot on scrabulous and it is strange that the robot often does not make the best move available.. Can it be, a dumb robot?? ..I sent you an invite on your e-mail address to play me and I will try again and see if you like it..I also love scrabble!! Linda