Monday, April 7, 2008

Explain this one to me...........

It happened again just outside Toronto on the weekend, it happened here in Kansas last week – and it is more frequent than I ever would have guessed………young people killed or seriously injured in car accidents – NOT wearing their seatbelts. In Kansas last week, five high school friends were going out for lunch when the driver ran a stop sign – four young girls killed (two were cousins). None of them wearing seatbelts…….. And now on the weekend outside Toronto, seven young men in a van. Three wearing seat belts – they were unscathed. The other four? Thrown from the vehicle, critically injured.

I’m sure their parents were like me – wrestling with child seats, lifting bucket baby carriers in and out of cars, crawling into the back to make sure the belts were done up securely – never going anywhere without buckling up. And now after all those years – I have to remind my children and their friends to buckle up when we are in a car.

It is reported that one-third of all drivers and passengers killed in motor-vehicle collisions are not wearing seat belts. Most young people never knew the days before buckling up was mandatory – and they never had a day in their young lives when their parents didn’t buckle them in. We talked to our kids about the importance of always being buckled in.

Why is this simple safety habit one that they obviously scorn and disregard?

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