Friday, May 9, 2008

I love Thursday night television. There are too many good things to watch when you don't have a video recorder. So Thursday nights here finds me glued to the television to watch Survivor, The Office, 30 Rock and Lost. If I was home and had my recorder, I would tape Grey's Anatomy too. I love Thursday night television.

Last Thursday night we drove to Kansas City on our way to St. Louis so we could be in the hotel in time for the good television. What I didn't reckon on here in the mid-west is the crazy storms and tornadoes that whip up at this time of year. When severe weather arrives, there is no regular programming - just storm alerts. So last Thursday when St. Louis had tornadoes all around, I missed all the television shows. Thank heavens for great websites that provide recaps of the shows.

Last night, back in Wichita - the storms hit again. How fair is that? Luckily I missed only parts of each show - the storms weren't as severe and weren't expected to be hitting Wichita until midnight. Thank goodness for that, because Lost was great - adding at least 30 more things to the "List of Things I don't Understand about Lost". Added to this list - what happened to Claire and why did she look so strange? Wasn't her father dead? What was the box attached to the Keamy's arm? How can they move the island? My head is spinning..........

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Anonymous said...

I, too, am a big "Lost" fan but haven't seen last night's episode yet - I've recorded it twice just to make sure I don't miss anything. We'll have to have a "Lost" discussion when you get back, Krista.