Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rachel Maddow and David Frum (and turkeys)

There is something so terribly frustrating when a computer is acting petulantly....I have tried to blog a few times in the last few days and I'm completely unable to copy files, move between screens or even get onto the internet. I hope my Canadian readers had a good Thanksgiving weekend and are now enjoying leftover turkey sandwiches and soup. In another day, everyone will be sick of turkey..... I noticed when I was in Wichita, that very few families had turkey on Christmas Day - I suspect that everyone is sick enough of turkey after American Thanksgiving so that families decide to do something different on Christmas Day. Because Canadians have such an early Thanksgiving, we forget our turkey overdosing and ready to step up to the turkey plate again (and again)by Christmas Day.....

I have complete admiration for Rachel Maddow - I enjoyed her on Air America and I was delighted to see her get her own show on MSNBC. She is intelligent and sensible in her understanding of world events - and this interview with David Frum shows that she is an excellent debater. David Frum tried to blindside her in the first few minutes by attacking her show - she reacted calmly and unemotionally and refused to let him get away with his unsupported comments.

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