Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Ready for the Olympics.....

Here is a good video about British Columbia as it gets ready for the Olympics.
It is hard to believe that the city will soon be filled with athletes and visitors - most residents are pretty certain that daily routines will be disrupted - that it will be difficult to get around the city. It is also hard to believe that these are the Winter Olympics. In the city there are camellias, primulas and hellebores in bloom. Some cherry trees are starting to flower, the bright yellow forsythias are breaking out....and the snowdrops have sprouted.

My older meaner sister arrives this weekend - she will stay through the niece and my secondborn, son and heir will arrive in mid-February. Friends are coming into town .... hopefully the house will be hopping. Are you coming?

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Ricala said...

uh I wish! hahah i hope all is well and that you are enjoying lost I sit here and don't get to watch it until tomorrow when I am finished living at the library studying, ricala!