Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Day of the Olympics

We have put up some flags at the front of the house - and purchased a few (ok, more than a few) cases of Molson's Canadian ..... We are ready.....let the Olympics begin. Here is how we have decorated the front porch......

My older meaner sister arrived a week or so ago, and we have been getting ready for Olympic visitors that start arriving today. We just watched Arnold Schwarzenegger carry the Olympic torch....all day coverage has started.

In the midst of all the excitement, some bad sad news for Miguel. His older brother passed away early this week. Miguel tried to get to the east coast for the funeral, but given all the bad snowstorms he couldn't get a there in time.... Miguel had a chance to have a good visit with his brother when we were on our roadtrip in the autumn - I'm not sure Miguel ever considered it would be their last earthly visit, but again it reminds me once again to never miss an opportunity to visit or connect with loved ones.

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