Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Olympics.....

We have a friend and her daughter here now and they attended Men's Speed Skating yesterday. I was able to drive them quite close to the Skating Oval and they report that getting through security was painless (they were in line for less than 15 minutes) and they were able to get onto the Canada Line to come home after the event with relative ease. They thought the event was great fun - and well organized (except for opening day glitches with unprepared concession employees). Today they are off to Nordic events at Whistler.

We all watched the opening ceremonies likes included: kd lang (beautiful), special effects including the whales swimming under the stage, the totems/forest, flying through the prairies, the exuberance and enthusiasm of the first nation dancers, the poet, the parade of nations..... My "didn't likes" included: having a soloist singing the national anthem (everyone should have been singing it!), the overly long fiddling/dancing/musical portions and the dang technology problems. It made perfect sense to this Canadian that a team of talented athletes would light the cauldron - each of the athletes alone could have been an excellent choice, but together they are a magnificent representation of the best of Canadian sport. And having a committee light the cauldron is a typically Canadian choice.....

My American friends have not seen this video featuring the young woman who sang the Canadian national I am posting it here for you to watch. There are two versions. This one:

and then this version that shows the olympic torch relay that crossed the country.

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